Database Administrator

Cleveland, OH


To create, maintain and update existing databases, procedures, reports and other ETL processes for Truth For Life with a specific focus on security, stability, scalability and reportability, while supporting the overall ministry mission and commitment to excellence.


  • Write and analyze queries for performance, review database logs, maintain and monitor database infrastructure, set up new databases and design and maintain ETL workflows for a variety of disparate data sources
  • Responsible for maintaining the Studio Enterprise database architecture and supporting in case of issues
  • Write and optimize queries used for Studio Enterprise and reporting, and write reports as needed
  • Involved in designing database for future projects, including metadata system, export of online databases and integration into future data warehouse for more self-service reporting as needs grow
  • Expand both experience and leadership in the field of database administration through ongoing training
  • Demonstrate a high degree of project planning proficiency in all database application projects.


  • Maintain donor management and other ancillary databases
  • Extensively grow the quantity and quality of reporting on donor and other ancillary data sources for the benefit of business decisions
  • Document the current database environment, suggesting, planning and executing improvements as needed to meet RTO and RPO requirements as well as capacity planning and uptime
  • Act as first-level support for user issues surrounding our donor management system and data questions/issues
  • Work with web development team in designing next-generation data environment for online integration of services for the benefit of Truth For Life listeners
  • Execute, update and improve existing ETL and other recurring processes with donor management system
  • Assist in any needed data migrations or the onboarding of additional databases or services where data needs to be loaded
  • Migration of existing process code to version control system
  • Initiate and actively engage topics of ongoing learning (books, courses) 


  • Integrity: Steadfast commitment to biblical principles for living and working
  • Passion: Wholehearted dedication to the mission of Truth For Life
  • Passion: Committed to excellent user experience across all major platforms and devices
  • Efficiency: Committed to clean, lean and documented code
  • Experience: 5+ years or shows strong proficiency in administering and developing for Microsoft SQL Server 2016+ 
  • Experience: 2+ years experience working with MySQL
  • Experience: 3+ years using Visual Studio or similar IDE for SSIS job or SSRS report development
  •  Security: A security-first mindset in development of any environment or process
  • Judgment/Decision Making: Commitment to data-driven decisions with the help of research, user-testing, and experience.
  • Strategic skills: Establishes a strong testing methodology for any development to ensure success of any project
  • Independent: Able to manage multiple tasks and effectively meet deadlines without being closely managed
  • Resourceful:  Readily adopts new tools and clever approaches to overcome difficulty
  • Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions and welcomes challenges as opportunities
  • Team player: Willingly and reliably works in cooperation with and support of others
  • Innovative: Introduces new ideas and methods to meet new requirements or changing market demand
  • Assertiveness:  Proactively offers suggestions, opinions, and openly asks questions 
  • Tenacity: Highly persistent in maintaining or seeking to meet goals/objectives, determined to overcome obstacles