Mobile App Developer

Chagrin Falls, OH

App Developer Mission

The mission of the Mobile App Developer is to support the digital communications manager, digital team, and Truth For Life (TFL) departments by creating, maintaining, and continually improving the user interface and experience on all TFL digital channels with a specific focus on mobile application development, supporting the overall ministry mission and commitment to excellence.

Digital Team Mission

  1. Deliver Alistair Begg content to digital channels that most people are actively engaged with
  2. Provide and serve our donors with self-service account tools and programs with a careful focus on excellent user experience
  3. Acquire new names and assist them in the process of becoming regular listeners, donors, and Truthpartners
  4. Intentionally grow our content reach in digital spaces
  5. Serve the Customer Service, Marketing, Stations, Content and IT departments with their digital communication needs

Outcomes for Year One

  • Maintain and improve upon existing iOS and Android digital production cycles with the JIRA/Confluence framework
  • Daily checks and customer interaction with app store customer feedback
  • Maintain and improve the current TFL website, email campaigns, blog, etc, with a focus on UX, speed and design
  • Support development of and help maintain the mobile app primarily but assisting with web front-end, as we increasingly look to polish integrated experience and features
  • Take ownership and stewardship of ongoing app updates and maintenance, becoming point for internal app facing needs and communications to vendors/AG
  • Frequent/ongoing recommendations for app and integration improvements
  • Frequent/ongoing app testing on local, live and via Browserstack testing interface
  • Resolve customer experience issues within 24 hours of identification as assigned or discovered via Freshdesk
  • Initiate and actively engage in ongoing monthly learning and training (books, webinars, or courses), with a minimum of 1 hour per week as a target
  • Keeping weekly tab on assigned kpi metrics, with special attention given to app store ratings and app analytic key indicators
  • A deep and growing understanding of web languages, experience with UX development and testing, open source React platform, building and managing apps in both iOS and Android, and a good familiarity or experience with APIs in the app world
  • Become familiar with our SE database and integrations
  • Become an integral part of our weekly digital department meeting schedule and processes
  • Thoroughly understand and seamlessly integrated with app dev and support processes as part of the larger team
  • Manage and complete projects as assigned


  • Integrity: Steadfast commitment to biblical principles for living and working
  • Mission Passion: Wholehearted dedication to the mission of Truth For Life
  • UX Passion: Committed to excellent user experience across all major platforms and devices
  • Efficiency: Committed to clean, lean and documented code
  • Development Experience: 3+ years with Android (Java) and iOS (Objective C, Swift), demonstrating a superior skillset 
  • Design Experience: Design experience and familiarity with Adobe suite of tools
  • Security: Security minded with ability to develop applications based on robust security best practices and rapid response to identified security issues
  • Privacy: Desires to maintain the privacy of user data, and uses data with care, limiting the scope and storage of user information as much as possible.
  • Creativity: Ability to provide creative ideas and solutions at the code and interface level as well as high-level marketing and communication.
  • Judgment/Decision Making: Commitment to data-driven decisions with the help of research, user-testing, and experience.
  • Strategic skills: Good understanding of marketing, call-to-action, and ROI in terms of how a page or design is developed, etc.
  • Customer focus: Commitment to superior customer service and expedient customer issue resolution
  • Independent: Able to manage multiple tasks and effectively meet deadlines without being closely managed
  • Resourceful:  Readily adopts new tools and clever approaches to overcome difficulty
  • Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions and welcomes challenges as opportunities
  • Team player: Willingly and reliably works in cooperation with and support of others
  • Innovative: Introduces new ideas and methods to meet new requirements or changing market demands.
  • Assertiveness:  Proactively offers suggestions, opinions, and openly asks questions 
  • Tenacity: Highly persistent in maintaining or seeking to meet goals/objectives, determined to overcome obstacles