Content Coordinator

Chagrin Falls, OH


The mission of the Content Coordinator is to support key stakeholders and content creators through project management in achieving ministry targets and content deliverables efficiently and excellently.

2021 Goals

  1. Extensive growth in understanding Truth For Life’s catalog of content and theological considerations.
  2. Thorough knowledge of content creation processes for Written, Audio, and Video content.
  3. Create a comprehensive Content production calendar that serves both Content and all of TFL.

Job Description

As part of the Content Team, the Content Coordinator is responsible for interpreting new content ideas/requirements into clearly defined deliverables, coordinating production, and managing content priorities under the direction of the Content Manager. Content coordination includes the creation and dissemination of project plans and timelines to key team members; monitoring deadlines and effectively managing multiple projects at once, using tools like Basecamp. This person will also participate in creative thinking and mining of existing content to produce new formats.  This position is essential to the ministry of Truth For Life.

Responsibilities (At the direction and supervision of the Content Manager)

  • Interpret ideas into deliverables and achieve consensus, supporting key stakeholders and content creators 
  • Coordinate priorities to achieve milestones and deliverables for unique and ongoing projects, keeping content strategy targets at the fore
  • Stay abreast of all situations that may affect deadlines or changes in scope; maintaining clear communication with all stakeholders at all times
  • Serve as point of contact for content-related volunteers, scheduling and providing oversight for QC
  • Participate in creative thinking to produce new types of content
  • Suggest content for new formats and mine archive for new opportunities
  • Participate in the planning of all content production schedules 
  • Other duties as required

Project Coordination

  1. Work as part of content team to create content development plans including scope, resources, and timing 
  2. Facilitate the achievement of audio, video, and written production schedules from initiation to distribution
  3. Assist with the prioritization of all Content projects
  4. Track and report on project milestones and provide status reports to the Content Manager
  5. Ensure all project documents are safely archived following project completion
  6. Serve as a Content team liaison to other departments throughout TFL—especially with other coordinators


  • Passion: Wholehearted commitment to the mission of Truth For Life
  • Excellence: strong focus on content integrity, attention to detail, quality, and accuracy
  • Organization/Planning: Able to independently manage priorities, deadlines, resources, and deliverables for a successful and timely outcome
  • Efficiency: Committed to a high-quality, high-production, lean operation 
  • Judgment/Decision Making: Equally considers objective facts and subjective experience/feedback to make the best decision
  • Accountability: Willingly held (and holds others) accountable to the content’s quality, accuracy, due dates, and integrity
  • Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions on the fly, and welcomes challenges as opportunities.
  • Tenacity : Persistent in maintaining or seeking to meet goals/objectives, determined to overcome obstacles 
  • Assertiveness: Proactively offers suggestions, opinions, and openly asks questions 
  • Creativity: Can contribute creatively, thinking outside-the-box to identify new content opportunities and contribute to content planning
  • Teamwork: Inspires positive team culture in which individuals rally behind common goals and genuinely appreciate working with one another
  • Conflict Management: The practice of recognizing and dealing with disagreement in a biblical, balanced, and effective way.
  • Problem solving: Able to perform quick study 
  • Communications - Oral and Written: Speaks and writes in a manner that is clear, professional, friendly, and sincere