Marketing Communications Coordinator

Chagrin Falls, OH


Serve in a vital coordination role between the Communications, Digital, Content, IT, and Customer Service teams at Truth For Life. Participate in the strategic development of promotional and fundraising campaigns by contributing creatively and tactically. Serve as a project manager to oversee large-scale development initiatives, production activities, and small-scale improvement efforts. Oversee and coordinate monthly promotion activities, performance reporting, direct mail, and budget management. Contribute to the Communications team as a blog writer, social media writer, and print communications contributor. This position is essential to supporting the mission of the ministry of Truth For Life.


Inspire and coordinate monthly promotion programs aimed at reaching a large digital and radio audience with the Bible teaching of Alistair Begg 

  • Maximize content distribution
  • Reach and engage new audiences
  • Retain and engage existing audiences

Provide and oversee the tactical implementation of month-by-month initiatives by:

  • Prepare and distribute Monthly Marketing Notes
  • Holding Monthly Marketing Meetings
  • Organize and manage other teams using basecamp, online schedules, and other communication tools 
  • Write blogs, social media posts, on-air copy and other copy as needed
  • Coordinate with third party printers 

Work with the Communications Manager to establish Communications Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and build the necessary reporting to monitor performance against KPI targets 

Work with the Communications and Digital Communications teams to leverage social media so that Truth For Life reaches an ever-widening social audience 

Participate as a member of a world-class Communications team by actively contributing to strategic planning, through project ownership, by attending ongoing training, and through interdepartmental teamwork

Work with the Communications Manager and the Content Creation team to develop content formats that attract and ever-widening audience 

Support one page plan interdepartmental priority projects.

Work with the Communications Manager to develop and implement ongoing donor retention initiatives throughout the year.


  • Work with graphics design resources to create visually interesting and topic relevant artwork for the website each month
  • Work with Digital Communications and Content Management to post content-rich, well-designed material on the website each month, coordinating content changes with 80% independence
  • Provide Communications support for monthly fundraising mailings and develop monthly premium buck slips
  • Run monthly Marketing Meetings and prepare Monthly Marketing Notes 
  • Assist with the development and creation of year-end fundraising communications; electronic, direct mail, and radio scripting. Contribute to the design and production of the overall year-end materials and communications. 
  • Develop new artwork for newly produced series and for series with dated images
  • Work with Communications Manager to leverage segmentation to cultivate new listeners 
  • Work with Digital Communications to expand content posted in social media
  • Assist with the promotion of Listener Events
  • Work with Station Relations to enhance monthly radio station updates, including expanding the content in the monthly promo pack
  • Work with Digital Communications and Communications Manager to provide continual website and mobile app improvements  
  • Write social media posts, blog posts, on-air copy, and direct mail copy.



  • Adaptability: able to manage changing priorities, juggle numerous assignments, and flex to changing deadlines
  • Tenacity: persistent and not easily discouraged 
  • Teamwork: considers others’ needs above their own, enjoys collaboration
  • Creativity: contributes creatively to campaign planning and able to provide creative direction, but not necessarily design pieces themselves
  • Excellence: strong focus on good aesthetics, quality, attention to detail, and accuracy
  • Resourcefulness: able to obtain needed materials/information with little direction, takes initiative to identify opportunities/problems and propose solutions/ideas
  • Independence: initiative-taking, requiring little supervision, intrinsically motivated
  • Organization/Planning: very strong project management skills, ability to forecast project requirements and consistently meet deadlines
  • Analysis Skills: able and willing to crunch data and deliver meaningful conclusions leading to program improvements
  • Self-Awareness: recognizes strengths and weaknesses and works toward growth in both areas
  • Communication Skills: Exceptionally strong written communications skills
  • Writing: Ability to write with clarity, conciseness, and accuracy in a casual, conversational style consistent with the Truth For Life brand and style guide.