Digital Communications Coordinator

Chagrin Falls, OH


The mission of the Digital Communications Coordinator is to support the Director of Digital Communications, programmers, developers, and designers in managing the planning, deadlines, testing, and deliverables of Digital projects. This person will coordinate, schedule, and manage content output through digital channels. The Digital Communications Coordinator will also be responsible for analyzing performance and response using tools like Hubspot and Google Analytics and sharing insights with the team. This position is essential to supporting the mission of the ministry of Truth For Life. 

The mission of Truth For Life is to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers will be converted, believers will be established and local churches will be strengthened.  


  • Consistently deliver Truth For Life content to digital channels to maximize distribution 
  • Provide and serve our donors with self-service account tools and programs with a careful focus on excellent user experience 
  • Serve the Customer Service, Marketing, Stations, Content, and IT departments with their digital communication needs 
  • Analyze the performance of marketing and digital campaigns 
  • Effectively manage projects as assigned

Role Outcomes 


Become the Digital Communication team subject matter expert (SME) for Hubspot delivering meaningful reporting and insights on a regular basis. 

Maintain Hubspot Certifications determined by Director of Digital Communication and Coordinator. 

Oversee the implementation of day-to-day creation and distribution of blogs, emails, sermons, programs, and products. 

Regularly create the following

  • Daily and weekly emails
  • Blogs
  • Add and update sermons and series 
  • Add and Update Products 

Upload audio and video content to the website and other digital platforms maintained by the Digital Department.

Participate as a member the Digital Communications team by actively contributing to strategic planning, through project ownership, by attending ongoing training, and through interdepartmental teamwork.

Participate in strategic planning sessions and use the project management system to ensure projects are delivered on time, with excellence.

Provide detailed analysis and a general overview of analytics regularly. 

Report on the following KPIs monthly 

  • Blogs
  • Emails 
  • Source Code Transactions 
  • Welcome Series 
  • Others as assigned 

Provide Stats for campaigns and other departments as requested.

Help troubleshoot issues with the website, app, and online accounts and provide appropriate feedback to the Digital Team. 

Reply to Freshdesk tickets with initial response within 1-2 business days.

Communicate with Digital Team on issues that need to be addressed on a larger scale. 

Assist with testing and contributions to digital initiatives. 

Assist with thorough testing of the app and website monthly or as directed and provide quality feedback.    

Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of TFL Online Accounts, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media Ads, etc. 

Complete monthly trainings as determined by the Director of Digital Communications 

Effectively manage other projects as assigned 


Through ClickUp, Jira, Confluence, Teams, OneDrive, Slack and other tools, to-dos are tracked and executed. 

Support ministry-wide initiatives as outlined in the One Page Strategic Plan 

Tracked on a per-initiative basis and reported to Director of Digital Communications. 


Passion: Driven to bring Bible teaching to listeners around the world 

Integrity:  Consistent, honorable use of freedom 

Analysis: Able to make skillful use of data and feedback to provide meaningful insights and recommendations 

Organization/Planning: Able to define project scope, manage deadlines, resources, and deliverables for a successful and timely outcome 

Teamwork: Inspires positive team culture in which individuals rally behind common goals and genuinely appreciate working with one another 

Efficiency: Committed to high quality, high producing, lean operations  

Independence: Able to manage multiple tasks and effectively meet deadlines, and help others along the same lines 

Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions on the fly and welcomes challenges as opportunities. Likes to create and maintain agile-like processes and workflow 

Assertiveness:  Proactively offers suggestions, opinions, and openly asks questions  

Tenacity: Highly persistent in maintaining or seeking to meet goals/objectives, determined to overcome obstacles  

Resourcefulness: Adopts new tools and clever approaches to solve problems and overcome difficulty