Back End (Python & Django) Web Developer

Chagrin Falls, OH

Are you passionate about using your technical skills to make a global impact? At Truth For Life, our mission is to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance on a daily basis, to listeners all over the world. As a Backend Web Developer, you’ll play a crucial role in advancing our mission by creating robust, efficient, and scalable web applications that deliver Alistair Begg’s Bible teaching to millions of listeners.

Role Summary:

  • Backend Development: You’ll use your expertise in backend technologies (such as Python, MySQL and Django) to build and maintain scalable APIs, databases, and server-side logic.
  • Mission-Driven: Your work directly impacts our mission of spreading God’s Word. Every line of code contributes to teaching the Bible to people worldwide.
  • Collaboration: You’ll work closely with our frontend developers, designers, and content creators to create seamless user experiences.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices to ensure our systems are cutting-edge and efficient.


To create, develop, test, maintain, monitor, analyze, and report on Truth For Life public facing digital assets (web site, streaming apps, streaming services) with a view to contributing to Truth For Life’s overall ministry goals and specific ministry projects, and maximizing public user experience with those assets.


  • Consistently deliver Truth For Life content to digital channels to maximize distribution.
  • Expand Truth For Life website features and functionality.
  • Coordinate as part of a larger team with internal developers and outside developer vendors.
  • Serve the Customer Service, Marketing, Stations, Content and IT departments with their digital communication needs.
  • Analyze the performance of current digital assets, create plans for improvement, and follow through with development and deployment of approved updates.
  • Troubleshoot problems and determine the best course for correction.
  • Manage projects as assigned.
  • Encourage and pursue healthy communication within the Digital Communications department.

Desired Education:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming or related field and a strong knowledge of computer programming.

Preferred Requirements:

  • 5 years or greater of relevant technical experience or demonstrated success in a Web Development or Application Development role.
  • Experience working with Python, Django, HTML, MySQL and/or other programming languages, demonstrating experience in developing larger-scale services and processes to support enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • Experience: 5+ years or shows strong proficiency in developing for the web
  • Experience: 3+ years using Django, Google Analytics
  • Some experience in REST API development to bring multiple systems together.
  • Experience with source control such as Git.


  • Passion: Driven to bring Bible teaching to listeners around the world.
  • Integrity:  Consistent, honorable use of freedom.
  • Analysis: Able to make great use of data and feedback to provide meaningful insights and recommendations.
  • Organization/Planning: Able to define project scope, manage deadlines, resources, and deliverables for a successful and timely outcome.
  • Teamwork: Inspires positive team culture in which individuals rally behind common goals and genuinely appreciate working with one another.
  • Efficiency: Committed to high quality, high producing, lean operations.
  • Independence: Able to manage multiple tasks and effectively meet deadlines and help others along the same lines.
  • Adaptability: Easily adjusts to new conditions on the fly and welcomes challenges as opportunities. Likes to create and maintain agile-like processes and workflow.
  • Assertiveness:  Proactively offers suggestions, opinions, and openly asks questions.
  • Tenacity: Highly persistent in maintaining or seeking to meet goals/objectives, determined to overcome obstacles.
  • Resourcefulness: Adopts new tools and clever approaches to solve problems and overcome difficulty.