Are you interested in applying your professional skills in Christian ministry?

Truth For Life reaches a global audience with the Bible teaching of Alistair Begg every day of the year. A seasoned staff of professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds is essential to making that happen!

High energy, fast-paced, and accelerated growth mark the positive, collaborative working environment of our organization. One team, unified and passionate about proclaiming the good news of the Gospel, drives the culture at Truth For Life. Committed to excellence, we distribute Alistair Begg’s teaching through more than 1,800 radio networks, the Truth For Life website, mobile app, social media channels, subscription TV services, and automated listening devices.

Operating as a high-performing non-profit organization, Truth For Life adopts for-profit business management principals to drive performance excellence and growth. Our organization offers a professional pay scale and a corresponding benefits package.

So, if you’re seeking a position where you’ll work alongside a team of fellow believers (see our team) in a way that leverages your professional skills and experience, please apply through the following TopgradingHIRE system.

Career Opportunities

Role Description: Truth For Life’s organizational mission is enabled by various technologies that are supported by the Business Application Developer role. As part of a small internal IT team, this position works to maintain and update existing databases, stored procedures, reports and other internal software systems and infrastructure, support of TFL employees use of said software, and…